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Gap Year Summer Missionary Intern New YOrk uno Baptist NAMB
  • Developing Immigrant Friendships
  • Teaching Bible to Immigrants
  • Teaching English
  • Ministry to Muslims
  • Ministry to Hindus
  • Ministry to Buddhists 
  • Acts of Kindness
  • Evangelism
UNO sponsers ESL classes in 5 NYC locations

UNO's ESL/IMMIGRANT INTERNSHIP provides opportunities for ministering to NYC immigrants who come from all over the world.   As an intern, you will help lead ESL (English as a Second Language), teach basic Bible classes, and teach citizenship classes.  The ESL classes cover all levels, and are held day and night, six days a week, at four separate class sites connected to our South Asian Center and West African Center.   Through these class settings you will meet and befriend dozens of internationals whom you will be able to minister to outside of the classroom. Many times these relationships develop into lifelong ministry and evangelism opportunities.

The ESL/IMMIGRANT INTERNSHIP is best suited for interns who have an interest in teaching, evangelism, internationals, world religions, or missions.   Academic credit may be available.

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